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Mentors Message

There are two different school of thoughts in JEE /NEET preparation. First one is teaching less theory or no theory without much going in to the HOWs and WHYs but executing rigorous practice of theoretical/numerical problems. Student discovers theory from his practice but many times gathers mis-concepts. This process of teaching is mere training of the students.

The second thought process is a more scientific approach which insists on teaching theory in detail covering all concepts and mis-concepts and then exposing the student to the world of all possible questions. This process is the instrumental in educating the children to enable them to face all sorts of questions with confidence and competence. We believe in second thought. An expert teacher can only guide for the correct understanding by illustrating the logic and concept behind.

Every student is a genius in some field or other. However academic success is only regarded in the present society. Every student has different standard and different is his goal. For a student with 80% in board, goal may be to just qualify JEE main, but a student with 95% in board may cherish to be among top hundred in JEE/NEET. Either case the gap between individual’s standard and his cherished goal is the same i.e. his best efforts. With dedicated efforts every one can reach his goal. So first set a goal which is approachable for you, inspiring for you and make it time bound. Wish you Bright Future and Success

R.S.S.CHAUHAN(Chemistry Faculty)

Great Things Come from Great Minds.