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XII - NEET JEE main with Board


TOPIC 1- Introduction, rates of reactions

TOPIC 2-Rate law equation, order and molecularity

TOPIC 3-Methods for determination of order-Reaction Mechanism ,Initial Rate Law Method

TOPIC 4- Questions practice, Ostwald isolation method

TOPIC 5- Integrated Rate law method, Graphical method

TOPIC 6- Questions practice

TOPIC 7- - Questions practice

TOPIC 8- Factors affecting Rate of rections

TOPIC 9- Arrhenius Equation – Effect of T on rate constant

TOPIC 10- Effect of catalyst on k, questions practice

TOPIC 11- Theories of kinetics and questions practice

TOPIC 6- Colligative Properties-RLVP

TOPIC 8- Question practice on B.Pt and F.Pt.


TOPIC 1- Electrochemical Cell

TOPIC 2- E0 - O.P,R.P,Cell Potential,S.H.E.

TOPIC 3- Electrochemical Series and its applications

TOPIC 4- Questions Practice, E0 of unknown half cell

TOPIC 5- Effect of conc on Cell Potential-NERNST Equation

TOPIC 6- Concentration Cells and questions

TOPIC 7- Effect of T on Cell Po tential, Relation of

TOPIC 8- Electrolysis-products at anode and cathode

TOPIC 9- Faraday’s Laws of Electrolysis and questions

TOPIC 10- Questions practice on Faraday’s Laws

TOPIC 11-Commercial Cells- Batteries

TOPIC 12- Corrosion and its prevention, Difference between Metallic and Electrolytic Conductance

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TOPIC 14-Effect of dilution on Conductance, Kohlrausch’s law and its applications

TOPIC 15- Questions practice


TOPIC 1- Concentration terms part – 1

TOPIC 2- Concentration terms part – 2

TOPIC 3-Vapour Pressure and Raoult’s Law

TOPIC 4- Questions on Raoult’s Law

TOPIC 5- Ideal and Non Ideal solutions, Azeotropic mixtures

TOPIC 7- Elevation in B. Pt. and Depression in F.Pt

TOPIC 9- Osmotic Pressure and questions

TOPIC 10-Abnormal C.P.-van’t Hoff factor and questions

TOPIC 11- Solubility of Gases – Henry’s Law,questions

TOPIC 6- Colligative Properties-RLVP

TOPIC 8- Question practice on B.Pt and F.Pt.


TOPIC 1- Introduction and classification of solids

TOPIC 2-Symmetry elements in cube

TOPIC 3-Unit cells, simple cubic


TOPIC 5- End centred, density and questions

TOPIC 6-Crystal systems and Bravais lattices

TOPIC 7- Close packing in 3D- CCP and HCP

TOPIC 8- voids,type, number and location in FCC and HCP

TOPIC 9-Radius ratio rules and coordination number

TOPIC 10- Structure of ionic solids-rock salt NaCl type

TOPIC 11-ZnS,CaF2 ,Na2O,CsCl type structures

TOPIC 12- Questions and some other ionic solids

TOPIC 13-Defects in Solids

TOPIC 14-Electrical and magnetic properties


TOPIC 1- Adsorption types- Physical and chemical adsorption

TOPIC 2- Factors affecting adsorption & Theories of Adsorption

TOPIC 3- Catalysis-theories,enzymes

TOPIC 4- classification of Colloids, Lyophilic and Lyophobic sol

TOPIC 5- Micelles formation, preparation of colloids,Gold number

TOPIC 6-Properties of sols

TOPIC 7- Coagulation of sols, gels and emulsion and questions